Hello, I'm Lindsay.

As someone who personally has multiple autoimmune diseases, I know what you’re likely experiencing right now. You might be feeling frustrated from the numerous symptoms you’re experiencing and always visiting the doctor. 

That’s why I’m so passionate about the work that I’m doing to serve this community. As a registered dietitian, and integrative and functional nutrition practitioner, with a master’s in nutrition and exercise science, I want to help you feel well again. 

Ultimately, I want you to gain a better quality of life and truly be able to trust your body again.

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Why Nashville Autoimmune Nutrition?

When it comes to autoimmune illnesses, there is a great need for education and support for whole-body wellness. This is why I’m passionate about helping you find the connection between your mind and body. This holistic approach includes nutrition, sleep, self-care, movement, pleasure, mindfulness, and learning to trust your body again.

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What's it like to work
with me?

Through a comprehensive assessment tool, we explore your symptoms and develop a whole-body plan that is sustainable for your lifestyle to optimize symptom relief.

It is my goal for my clients to thrive with autoimmune illnesses and enjoy a greater quality of life. 

There is also so much healing and wellness in finding enjoyment in life as much as you can. For me, that includes being outdoors with my husband and son. As we walk together in your journey, I hope to help you find joy in your every day again.

Let's Work Together

Education and Certifications

  • State of Tennessee Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist 

  • Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner  

  • Certified AIP Health Coach 

  • Masters of Science in Exercise and Nutrition Science/ Lipscomb University 

  • Dietetic Certification & Training / Lipscomb University 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Telecommunications / Indiana University

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